AI-Tools to make Money online

  • ChatGPT

    Unless you live under a rock, you know what ChatGPT is.

  • Midjourney

    Currently the best AI-Image generator.

  • OpusClip - Clip long Videos to short Clips

    Take long videos and clip them to short clips.

  • Adobe Speech Enhancer

    Removes noise from videos with speech enhancement, so it sounds like a recording in a professional studio.

  • ElevenLabs - AI-Voice Cloner

    Clone your voice and let AI do the talking.

  • Revocalize AI - Voice Generator, Cloner and Changer

    Create, clone and change voices with AI.

  • Kaiber - Video Generator

    Engine for creating videos from your personal images or text

  • CommandBar - Customer Service AI

    Create a customer service AI chatbot for your website.

  • LeiaPix - Turn Image into 3D Animation

    Upload images and turn them into a 3D animation.

  • FlowGPT

    Most upvoted ChatGPT prompts that program ChatGPT to fulfill specific needs or act in a specific way.

  • Vimcal - AI Calendar

    AI powered calendar to increase your efficiency and to save time.

  • ChatPDF

    Interact with your PDF-File as it is a human.

  • Followr - Social Media Management Tool

    AI Tool to manage social media. - Can be integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube And Linkedin.

  • Visus - Train your own ChatGPT

    Train your own ChatGPT model to be what you want it to be.

  • Kreado AI - Realistic AI Characters for Videos

    Use realistic AI characters in your videos and let them speak via Text2Speech in different languages.

  • Magic Eraser - Remove things from images

    Remove things from images.

  • Humata - Upload Documents & ask questions

    Chatbot that you can program with documents & ask questions about them.

  • Verbatik - Text to Speech AI

    Choose from different AI-Voices to speak what you've wrote.

  • RunDiffusion - Stable Diffusion Super Tool

    Run Stable Diffusion (AI image generator) on their servers, choose from different Stable Diffusion models and create your own models.

  • Lexica - Search Engine for AI-Images

    You can find millions of AI images here, sorted by popularity. - And you can download them.

  • InstantArt - Search Engine for AI-Images

    You can find millions of AI images here, sorted by popularity. - And you can download them.

  • Adobe Firefly

    AI Image Generator from Adobe.

  • Voicemod - Text2Song AI

    Input text and get a song out of it.

  • Wonderdynamics - Replace human in a video with every character you want

    An AI tool that automatically animates, lights and composes CG characters into a live-action scene.

  • Midjourney Prompt Tool

    Helps you to create Midjourney prompts that generate the images you want.

  • Browse popular ChatGPT Prompts

    Browse popular and useful ChatGPT prompts that you can use yourself.

  • DataFit - ChatGPT Prompt Community

    Browse hundreds of useful ChatGPT prompts that others shared.

  • Artify - Suit of best AI Art Tools

    Browse most popular AI Art Tools.

  • WriteSparkle

    FREE AI-Image generating tool

  • Midjourney for Slack

    Generate Midjourney images on Slack

  • Video Translator

    Translate videos to 75+ languages.

  • Spacelogo - AI Logo Generator

    Generate logos with AI.

  • Typeblock - Generate Apps with AI

    Generate Apps with AI without coding.

  • ThumbnailMaker - Create Thumbnails with AI

    Create and enhance thumbnails with AI.

  • Codeium - Coding Assistant

    Assists developers in comprehending, altering, and testing unknown codebases using natural language.

  • Character AI - Chat with AI Characters

    Talk to AI characters just like texting a friend.

  • Genmo - Create Videos from Text

    Make videos from text using AI.

  • MetaVoice Studio - Voice Changer

    Speak into this tool and it'll change your voice to different ones.

  • 2short AI - Convert long Videos to short Clips

    Convert long form videos into short clips.

  • BeeBee - Tool to analyse Public Companies

    AI-Tool to deeply analyze the finances of publicly-traded companies.

  • Mixo - Create Websites with AI

    Start with a brief description and build a whole website.

  • Imagica - Develop Apps with AI without Coding

    A place to make web apps without needing to code. Simply describe what you want.

  • Vocal Remover - Remove Vocals of Songs

    Make karaoke tracks by taking out the singing from songs.

  • Ajelix - Excel and Google Sheets Automation

    A tool to automatically handle Excel and Google sheets and write scripts.

  • Scribble Diffusion - Transform your Sketches into Images

    A tool that turns your rough sketches into polished pictures.

  • Img Upscaler - Upscale Images

    AI tool that upscales images.

  • WatchThis - Movie Recommendation AI

    A tool that picks out entertainment suggestions based on what you like.

  • BingCreate - Microsoft AI Image Generator - Powered by DALLE

    Bing's ai tool for making images using DALLE.

  • Movio - Text to Video AI

    AI that turns text into video - giving avatars a voice and making them talk.

  • Lucidpic - Create Stock Photos of People

    A tool for making stock pictures of people.

  • Neural Frames - Text to Video

    A place to turn text into video.

  • Character GPT - Create interactive AI Characters

    Makes AI characters you can interact with from a description.

  • AgentGPT - Create & deploy AI Agents in Browser

    A tool for making and launching AI helpers right in your browser.

  • Pix2Pix - Change a Video with Text Prompt

    Allows you to modify a video using text instructions.